Be a Union Steward! Be involved in your future!

Your local union is looking for stewards! As a union steward, you will be interacting with, educating, and mobilizing members in your workplace. As an ally to the members, a union steward works to solve problems in the workplace by providing representation and communicating with the employer on member issues. Stewards contribute to the promotion of a positive union presence in the workplace. 

Being a union steward requires professionalism and honesty. It requires an initiative to advance one’s own skills and abilities in workplace relations. 

Union stewards are expected to take formal introductory training at the earliest opportunity. The stewards work under the guidance and direction of the chief union steward and are supported by the rest of the executive staff. 

If you are interested in becoming a union steward, send an email with a short message regarding why you would be an excellent steward to the local union email ( by Friday, September 24, 2021. 

A decision of appointment will be made by the union executive. 

More information regarding the role of the steward can be found at:

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