Cuts and austerity

A message from Chris Aylward:

Hi , 

Did you watch the debates?  

I did – and now, more than ever, I’m convinced that an O’Toole Conservative government would be devastating for Canada’s recovery from the pandemic.  Pledge to vote for a pro-worker government

For those of you who, like me, have worked in the federal public service, you know what it’s like to have an employer who doesn’t believe in government. The kind who cuts services, lays off workers, and sends work to private contractors where, if you could get a job, you’d make minimum wage and have no job security.  

An O’Toole Conservative government would be that kind of employer. Bent on austerity measures and lining the pockets of their mega-rich corporate friends. All on the backs of public sector workers and those who rely on them.  

We cannot let this happen. 

A Conservative government  will ensure we never see universal, affordable child care, they’ll privatize health care and make things even harder for those who are already struggling.  

We cannot let this happen either. 

But we have the opportunity to prevent all of that. 

Advance poll voting starts today – Friday, September 10 – and runs until Monday, September 13. You can vote today and make sure that our next government supports workers and their families. Find out where and how to vote. 

And to help you decide, we’ve spent a lot of time analyzing each party’s promises and how they’ll impact PSAC members. Check out our full election 2021 analysis.

Please get out and vote this weekend. Canada’s pandemic recovery depends on it. Then if you have time, get out and support candidates who will protect workers and public services in your riding.  

Together, we can make sure that no one gets left behind.Pledge to vote

In solidarity, 

Chris Aylward
National President
Public Service Alliance of Canada

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