The Numbers

I’ve created this spreadsheet to try and help members estimate the financial implications of the recent strike and tentative agreement. Please remember these numbers are all my best guess approximations based on the information available at the moment. Actual numbers may end up different.


You can input your own gross annual rate of pay in box B4, and see what numbers that produces.


If you need to look that up, you can find it here:Program and Administrative Services (PA) – PM: Programme Administration Group Annual rates of pay (in dollars)


The rate of pay numbers should be pretty accurate, but to get a back pay estimation we need to guess when the employer updates our rate of pay to the new rates.  They were pretty quick (a few months) on that last time.


I’ve therefore put 3 lines for potential back pay estimates. 


1.       The first assumes they instantly update our rate of pay as of June. This is trying to represent the lowest possible back pay you’ll see.

2.       The second assumes it takes them until September to update our pay.  This is probably the closest estimate to what you’ll end up seeing.

3.       The last assumes they aren’t able to update our pay until December.  This is less likely.  However realistically is when they’ll actually issue funds to us.


Please also note: If your rate of pay changed since June 2020, the math gets more complex.  I’d recommend putting your lowest rate of pay in to see the results, and then put your highest rate of pay in.  You can then accept that your back pay estimate should end up between those two numbers. If you did not start working with the commission until after June 2020, your back pay would only be for the period you actually worked. This sheet won’t accurately reflect that scenario.


I also tried to show how much you gained by going on strike. To do that I compared what your back pay would have been based on the wage offer we had before we voted to go on strike, with what we obtained in the tentative agreement.


I’ve also highlighted the difference in rates of pay moving forward as a result of the strike.  I used June 2023 as the reference date for that.


Finally I tried to estimate the cost if picketing for 8 days.  This is based on an estimated net daily rate of pay, less the $125 strike pay (PSAC $75 + CEIU $50). And then of course, if our members approve the local topping up strike pay to everyone’s net pay, and the local had sufficient funds to do so, there were no financial costs of going on strike. If the local did not have sufficient funds to fully top up our members, CEIU Ontario Region has the option of covering any shortfall, if they had sufficient funds to do so. Those last few steps are quite complex, and require further approval of members.  So they will take a little longer to implement than the initial $125 a day payments.


Remember, these are just the numbers. There were also non-monetary benefits are in addition to that.


If there was any doubt, reviewing the numbers highlights that going on strike was well worthwhile.


In solidarity,

Sandy Snider
Local 581 Union Treasurer

Full disclaimer: Any numbers estimated as a result of this post are estimates only. Your local holds no liability if actual numbers end up being different.

Red Dress Day

URGENT Sign and share!! ❤️

May 5th is Red Dress Day, also known as the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and Two-Spirit People. Join CEIU in supporting MP Leah Gazan’s call on the federal government to set-up a “Red Dress Alert” to notify the public when an Indigenous woman, girl, or Two-Spirit person goes missing.

#MMIWG2S #MMIWG2SActionNow #CEIURedDress #SEICRobeRouge #NoMoreStolenSisters #May5DayOfAction #EnoughIsEnough

There is also an option to update your social media profile picture:

May 5th is the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit people (MMIWG2S) in Canada (Also known as Red Dress Day) change your Social Media Profile photo using the link below.


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Public Service Health Care – positive enrolment fyi

Hi Public Service people.You should have received an email to complete positive enrolment (doesn’t that sound exciting!) For benefits switch over happening in July. Fyi – deadline is very soon May 10, 2023.

If not, check this website.


Strike signage fyi

**Article 12: use of Employer facilities

12.01 Reasonable space on bulletin boards, in convenient locations, including electronic bulletin boards where available, will be made available to the Alliance for the posting of official Alliance notices. The Alliance shall endeavour to avoid requests for posting of notices which the Employer, acting reasonably, could consider adverse to its interests or to the interests of any of its representatives. Posting of notices or other materials shall require the prior approval of the Employer except in the case of notices related to the business affairs of the Alliance, including posting of the names of Alliance representatives, and social and recreational events. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

There is significant historical precedent of members being allowed to post signs on their cubicle/workstation, that being said at this time the employer is requesting that members do not display anything on the outside baffles of our cubicle/workstation.

In response to this, your local executive is recommending that we move our signs which support our friends with UTE (CRA) who is still on strike, from the outside baffle, to the inside our cubicle/workstation.  We also recognize that with hot-desking, it could be difficult to remember to take the signs with you to the next desk.  So we are asking those who do not share the same view to kindly return the sign(s) to a union exec or your team leader.  Thanks for your understanding.


Please see section “Pay during a strike”/when will I receive my strike pay.
(Some first payments issued have not covered 3 days, we’ve been told they are being processed in batches)

If after two strike payments you still have errors or issues with your strike pay,please submit a request for PSAC to resolve the problem using this form.***

-We are paid in arrears, see dates below as fyi.
-the Employer is responsible for entering any applicable leave without pay and recovering overpayments; please note that we don’t know the timing for entry
(this type of overpayment will be recovered from first available funds)
-more info will be coming for top up strike pay

Urgent update! Tentative deal reached- strike action over for TB

Urgent update!With the national strike now over for Treasury Board workers, members of the PA, SV, TC and EB bargaining groups are required to return to work beginning May 1 at 9 a.m. ET or their next scheduled shift after that date. In the coming days, a full explanation of the new agreements, and a copy of the new language, will be provided once they have been fully translated for the PA, SV, TC and EB groups. PSAC members will shortly thereafter be invited to participate in online ratification votes. Details about the votes will be shared as soon as possible.


We are still on strike.


The main line downtown (451 Talbot) will continue 7am-4pm.
Please choose any 4 hours for picket duty (and you can split your time between more than 1 location)

Tomorrow morning, we will running a secondary line in London at Wolseley Barracks, Elizabeth Street entrance (pink dot). The picket hours will be 7:00am-12:00pm.

(From UNDE union reps)* We have received a letter from the chain of command trying to deter us from picketing and making a disruption at the base. This tells me that what we are doing is working and rattling some chains. We have every right to picket on public property, to share information, and to review/questions essential letters. The London Regional Office will be in there to support us. We want to make a big show at the Military Base, and we need your support!!! *

There is free street parking available nearby, at the Carling Heights Community Center, or the old Sunripe market parking lot (green lines). Bathrooms are accessible at the Carling Heights Community Centre (blue circle). There is a Tim Hortons close by also. Join us, and please share with your networks!