Strike signage fyi

**Article 12: use of Employer facilities

12.01 Reasonable space on bulletin boards, in convenient locations, including electronic bulletin boards where available, will be made available to the Alliance for the posting of official Alliance notices. The Alliance shall endeavour to avoid requests for posting of notices which the Employer, acting reasonably, could consider adverse to its interests or to the interests of any of its representatives. Posting of notices or other materials shall require the prior approval of the Employer except in the case of notices related to the business affairs of the Alliance, including posting of the names of Alliance representatives, and social and recreational events. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

There is significant historical precedent of members being allowed to post signs on their cubicle/workstation, that being said at this time the employer is requesting that members do not display anything on the outside baffles of our cubicle/workstation.

In response to this, your local executive is recommending that we move our signs which support our friends with UTE (CRA) who is still on strike, from the outside baffle, to the inside our cubicle/workstation.  We also recognize that with hot-desking, it could be difficult to remember to take the signs with you to the next desk.  So we are asking those who do not share the same view to kindly return the sign(s) to a union exec or your team leader.  Thanks for your understanding.

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