Thursday, April 27th SPECIAL ACTION- flying squad

April 27 – 8am- We are going to have a Flying squad go to cover the railway tracks at Adelaide Street and cross walk on Central Ave. and Adelaide Street – it is very a high traffic area and will cause some chaos (they are working on a project that is federally funded from transportation dollars.)

Please RSVP to with your PSAC # if you are able to attend. We would love a crowd for MAXIMUM IMPACT!!! 

***This will be a pretty short action, but it will count as your full picket duty for the day. Free parking is available along Elizabeth and McMahen or at the closed Sun Ripe on Oxford and Adelaide or at the Carling Heights Community Centre.

Meet us at the entrance to McMahen Park- Elizabeth and McMahen near community centre and entrance to military base at 8am.- map attached

Join us for some good trouble! If we want this strike to end, we need to escalate our actions!

*We will have some signs and flags.

In Solidarity,

Megaline London strike/picket captain team

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