Strike preparation- you may have received a letter from the employer

Thank you for those who have participated in the strike vote! Thanks also to those that voted in support of action up to a strike!
You may have or soon be receiving a letter.

Summary: Code 1 is essential, code 2 replaces someone essential in the event of their absence, code 3 is called in only in the event of a major crisis. (Letters may say code 2/3)

If you are deemed essential, it doesn’t impact your vote or your support. It just means you wouldn’t be on the actual picket line during work hours if we do take strike action.
(You would continue to work, get regular pay)
This is all prep work and things are getting figired out >more instructions will be coming.

See this link, especially section on essential workers… (we are also sending specific questions to PSAC for clarification)

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