All President’s meeting report: Nov 7th

All President’s meeting at London Regional Office:

-11 other attendees from: CEIU, CIU, UVA, CBSA and AGRU

PSAC Regional Rep Morgan Oddie facilitated with the assistance of Admin Rohit Revi.

Guest Speaker: JR Legault, a PA Bargaining team member provided an update on the painfully slow process of bargaining. The bargaining team has met in Ottawa each month for one week; sometimes Treasury Board representatives show up, sometimes they don’t. Mediation occurred in October, before it was sent to PIC (Public Interest Commission). During the PIC process, PSAC will continue to fight for a strong agreement that includes fair wages, better work-life balance, job security and inclusive workplaces. The cost of living continues to rise, PSAC is working hard to get a fair deal quickly, and for the first time in a long time, all tables are coordinating.

PIC will provide recommendations (i.e. nothing binding) and once their report is published (no definite date) we will be able to proceed to a virtual strike vote in the new year. Strikes can be scary due to many factors such as fear of financial hardship, but we can’t let that deter us from sending the employer the very important message: we deserve better!!! We must join forces and support a STRONG strike vote or we will not be taken seriously.

Think about this: the federal government have $190M to pay senior managers/executives last yearalone, so they can afford to give us a respectful raise to match the ongoing inflation rate.

The guest speaker was able to confirm that the PA bargaining team this round does have new members that add great values and insights to the table. For example, the new compensation advisor member on the team had the insights and was able to call Treasury Board out on untruths.

Stay tuned for upcoming Strike Information Sessions.

It is imperative that your contact information (home address, personal email and telephone #) is up to date with your Local/Component/PSAC. Only with this up-to-date contact information that you will receive communications regarding union updates and your contact information will assist the administration of the strike pay.

Please sign up for:

November 28: National Day of Action (Mobilization), the theme is FAIR CONTRACTS NOW.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

In Solidarity,

Thu Trinh

President of CEIU LOCAL 581

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