Union dues change takes effect in September | Public Service Alliance of Canada

September 2, 2022

At PSAC’s national convention this year, members worked together to pass a progressive budget, and several resolutions, to build on the important work of our union in bargaining, organizing, human rights and mobilization. 

As a result, PSAC members approved a small dues increase of 0.17$ per month per member starting September 1 to fund the ongoing work of our union on the issues that matter most to workers. This change reflects an increase in the dues rate to 0.9593% from 0.9557% as a percentage of PSAC members’ salary.  

This change will help PSAC continue its critical work of negotiating fair wages that keep up with the rising cost of living, supporting members in the workplace, fighting to dismantle systemic racism and harassment, and funding a national triennial young workers’ conference.  

To learn more about this dues rate change and how to calculate your union dues, you can check out our breakdown of PSAC’s union dues and our frequently asked questions.  

Northern components use a different dues structure. For more details, please contact your component representative with the Yukon Employees Union, the Union of Northern Workers or the Nunavut Employees Union.

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