The CEIU Ontario Human Rights/Race Relations (HR/RR)and the Equity Committees are pleased to announce that the 2022 CEIU Ontario HR/RR Conference will be held from July 14 to 17th, 2022 at the Delta Hotel located at 3670 Hurontario St., Mississauga, ON. under the theme Inclusion and Belonging!

The 2022 CEIU Ontario HR/RR Conference will serve two main purposes:  to bring equity members together to develop strategies to improve human rights and equity; and, to work collaboratively to ensure 


The Ontario Region’s Standing Equity Committeesestablished within the Canada Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU) is comprised of four (4) Equity groups: First Nations, Métis and Inuit Committee; Differently Abled Committee; LGBTQ2+ Committee and Racialized Action Committee.

DELEGATES: To be eligible to apply as a delegate to the 2022 CEIU Ontario HR/RR Conference, one must be a CEIU member in good standing who has already self-identified with CEIU, or who completes the CEIU self-identification form. If you are unsure of having completed a CEIU self-id form in the past, it would be prudent to complete a new one to send in with your completed application form.

CEIU Ontario Region will cover all delegates’ expenses to attend the 2022 CEIU National HR/RR Conference. All CEIU events are scent free and all participants must be vaccinated in order to attend the events.

Anyone who wishes to be considered as a delegate, observer, or guest at the 2022 CEIU National HR/RR Conference must complete the application form and self-id form (if one has not been submitted previously) which form part of this Conference Callout and send it by the deadline of 4:00 p.m. (Toronto time) on June 29th, 2022, in order to be considered.

OBSERVERS – GUESTS: Any CEIU member in good standing who has self-identified with CEIU by completing the self-identification form may attend the 2022 CEIU Ontario HR/RR Conference as an observer. However, only the accredited delegates will have the right to debate issues and to vote during the Conference.

A CEIU member in good standing who has self-identified with CEIU and who wishes to attend the 2022 CEIU Ontario HR/RR Conference as an observer must complete the attached registration form and self-id form, if one has not yet been submitted to the CEIU National Office.   

Observers who wish to attend the conference are responsible for all costs associated with their participation as CEIU assumes no responsibility for expenses incurred by observers.   

An observer might want to check with their Local and/or Ontario Regional Council (ORC) to see if one or both would cover some, if not all of their observer costs to attend the 2022 Ontario Region HR/RR Conference.  

Guests may also attend the Conference by filling out the application form. 

Ontario Regional Council: Members of the Ontario Regional Council are invited to attend as a resource person/trainer and their expenses must be claimed to their respective district, departmental or representative budgets.

Leave Letters: Leave authorization letters will be sent to you post receipt of your registration approval. If you are a shift-worker or on approved AWA schedule, please specify the number of hours you are supposed to work on July 14 and 15, 2022 (except overtime). If you do not specify, a standard leave letter for 7.5 hours will be issued.

Duty to Accommodate Requirements: In order to meet your accommodation needs, you are required to provide the necessary details on the HRRR registration form. Your information will be held in strict confidence and reviewed by The Accomodations NVP, Phil Mattheson or Ann-Marie Kuarsingh.

We encourage everyone who identifies and are interested in attending the conference to please reach out to the local executives or to and the full application package can be forwarded to you.

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