On behalf of Ontario Regional Council

We cannot deny that the past two years have been a challenging time for our membership, particularly for Black members. The statistics have shown that the Black population has been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic especially through incidents of violence, harassment and racism highlighted on social media. 

Also, Black and racialized people are heavily represented in precarious sectors of our economy, often working on the frontlines, raising their risk of exposure to the virus. The combined effects of both of these situations have in turn negatively impacted mental health.

The pandemic emphasized the unequal nature of our society and the urgent struggle to end systemic oppression. We must work together to stop these injustices and move towards a society free from hate.  

The accomplishments of Black workers, past and present, have greatly contributed to our country and played a vital role in shaping the labour movement. As we acknowledge February as Black History Month, let us commit to working together to end systemic discrimination and move towards a more equal society. 

In Solidarity,

Trisha Roach, Racially Visible Members Representative

Ontario Regional Council

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