Mandatory vaccinations and the federal public service

Today, the federal government released its new mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for federal public service workers.

We recommend that you review the full policy in order to understand how it affects you. 

Some of the takeaways from the policy include:

  • All federal public service workers in the core public service, including the RCMP, CBSA and Correctional Services, must be fully vaccinated by Friday, October 29, 2021
  • Public service workers who do not provide proof of vaccination by November 15 will be placed on unpaid leave
  • Crown corporations, agencies, and the Canadian Forces are encouraged to implement similar policies, but this policy will not immediately apply to them.

PSAC’s position on the government’s policy

PSAC fully supports a federal vaccination policy to protect the health and safety of our members and the Canadians they serve. We know that increasing vaccination rates is the best and most reliable way to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our workplaces and our communities. 

However, if the goal is to keep the workplace healthy and safe, this policy still falls short. We have several recommendations and concerns regarding the policy’s implementation. 

Next steps

PSAC was not meaningfully consulted on this policy before it was released. Instead, the government gave unions less than a business day to review the policy and none of our feedback was incorporated. 

While the vast majority of PSAC’s membership is fully vaccinated, PSAC will continue to represent unvaccinated members who have punitive action taken against them as a result of their vaccination status.   

We’ll continue to work to ensure the implementation of the policy protects the health and safety and human rights of our members while ensuring their right to privacy is respected.

In solidarity,

Chris Aylward
National President
Public Service Alliance of Canada

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