Roy Page Scholarship 2021

To CEIU Members in Good Standing,

Please find attached the 2021 Roy Page Scholarship application. This year’s Scholarship will be awarded to up to six (6) applicants who are entering the first or second year of recognized post-secondary program. Applicants will be assessed on their response to one of two questions:

1. What role can unions play in the process of “truth and reconciliation”? You can consider the question from the perspective of the union and its membership, the union and the employer, the union and the political process, the union and Indigenous communities, or any other interpretation. 

2. How do all workers benefit when the union centres anti-racism in its work? Or what does the union risk by not addressing racism in the workplace and in the union? Your answer can explore one or both issues.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, October 12th. Submission can be made by email to Please ensure the candidate reviews the form instructions in full and return a completed form with the submission.  

In Solidarity,

CEIU Ontario Regional Council

Please contact your local executive for additional information if you’re interested in applying and / or would like a copy of the application form sent to you.

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