Beirut explosion

The following is from a fellow local PSAC union member.

Please think about helping if you can

You may or may not be aware that on the fourth of August a massive explosion rocked my home town Beirut. The explosion destroyed everything within a 3-5 km radius in a heavily populated part of the city, resulting in 300,000 homeless, and many deaths and injuries, with numbers increasing as the rubble is removed. The silos that usually store the grain and wheat reserves for the whole country were destroyed in the blast, raising concerns of flour shortage in the near future.   Lebanon was already undergoing an extreme economic crisis, with a currency devalued about 78% in 9 months, and restrictions on cash withdrawals (     The above situation is catastrophic, and I am imploring to help if you can. You can donate to the Canadian matching fund or directly to the organizations I listed below.   Government of Canada Lebanon matching fund   Impact Lebanon:   Lebanese Food Bank:   Lebanese Red Cross: Unicef Canada:   Thank you,  Rima

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