Small acts of solidarity and activism- Black Lives Matter

Ideas shared from another London activist post:


  1. Make a sign and walk around your neighborhood or stand at a busy intersection near your home. Or put up signs on poles or posts near your home or at work if it’s allowed
  2. Chalktivism- use chalk to write things that demonstrate solidarity, raise awareness, write down useful resources, donation websites, and demand justice for Blac people
  3. Support businesses owned by Black people. For example, there is a website called, and as their website states it is Canada’s most comprehensive directory of black owned businesses and entrepreneurs as well as a source for all black community events. If you go on the website, they even have it set up by province.
  4. Reflect on white privilege and or how you or those around you are inadvertently being racist despite thinking you are not. It is not enough to say you aren’t racist. We as a community must learn to become actively anti-racist because if we do not, Black people will continue to face injustices and have their lives mercilessly taken.
  5. Write to the Thames Valley School board and insist that Black history as well as that of POC be taught in schools: We’ve only learned history from mostly white male authors chiefly putting white people on pedestals and we need sources written by and for Black, and People of Color. In fact, it’s about time we changed Black history month to an ongoing learning process and set aside an entire unit of history in school curriculums. It should be mandatory to learn Black history at all levels of education.
  6. Write to your city council and government officials and demand policies that require more police training where they are taught emotional intelligence and self-control (seeing as customer service workers with lower wages can manage this…) and using force as the absolute last resort. Also, mention the need for justice in the sense that there should be criminal repercussions and suspensions for police officers who commit police brutality or murder. Then, emphasis that as the leaders of cities, provinces and the country, it is their responsibility to implement legislation for fair trials and sentences to all people regardless of race. Lastly, you could mention it’s important to divest funds from the police to social services and education.
  7. Here is a local BLM fundraiser also:

* There is no one singular definition of activism and it’s an ongoing battle.

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