Phoenix – 3 years too long!


For nearly 3 years now, tens of thousands of our members across the country have not been paid correctly; the most basic commitment an employer has to their workers.

Although the Phoenix pay system was brought in by the previous Conservative government (who also fired hundreds of compensation advisors at the time), this current Liberal government has an obligation to correct this situation.

Unfortunately, we know that if it was not for PSAC and our members putting pressure on this government, we would not have achieved any of the gains we have made for our members. Gains such as members not having to pay back the gross amount on overpayments, emergency pay, hiring of compensation advisors and now the testing of a potential Phoenix replacement that is currently underway.

To continue this momentum we have to keep mobilizing our members to show MPs that Phoenix is a critical issue for us. As we approach the third year anniversary of the introduction of the Phoenix pay system, we need to be visible and vocal in making Phoenix an election issue.

I am asking all members in the Ontario region to participate in your Local’s or PSAC Area Council’s Phoenix activities. Contact information for your nearest Area Council can be found here: and members can also speak with their closest PSAC Regional Office for more information:

It is important to note that MPs will be back in their ridings in the first two weeks at the beginning of March. This offers members an opportunity to speak directly with your local MP on how Phoenix has affected you and your co-workers.

In Solidarity,

Sharon DeSousa,

PSAC Ontario Regional Executive Vice-President

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