Not a whole lot of people but we had a successful meeting. Thanks to those that participated. Suggestions for future meetings welcomed.

Thanks to our guest speakers, Lyle Gall, CEIU SW REP, ONTARIO COUNCIL AND Travis Lahnalampi, CEIU ONT NVP AND newly elected PA bargaining team member.

Thanks to the exec team current, outgoing and new.

We had elections for some positions and the results are as follows:

MELISSA BOUCHER is now 1st (London) VP

TRACEY FRANK is now 2ND (satellite offices) VP

NATHAN HALEY reaffirmed as 3RD (IRCC ) VP

STACEY DUFFIELD is our new secretary.

CAROLYN BARHAM is our new chief steward.

Scott McIntosh and Sadia Naz are also newly elected stewards.


We will be looking to show some support for our bargaining team at the end of May, as the first scheduled talk with the employer is that week.

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