Call to Action: Please Watch Documentary –First Nation, Eabametoong, Takes Legal Action Against Mining Company for Violating Treaty

EFN is an Ojibway First Nation community, located 500 km northeast of Thunder Bay. It is only accessible by air in summer months, and ice road during the winter. As an Anishinaabe culture still deeply connected and reliant on the land, Eabametoong continues to steward their land, waters, and sensitive/sacred areas, while setting in place guidelines for any future development.
With the permission of Chief and Council, I ask you all for the opportunity to support us as we navigate a treacherous legal battle with the government of Ontario and a mining company, Landore Resources, Inc. —

Eabametoong has been forced to take legal action against the province AND Landore, to defend the rights of community members and to protect their land.

Ontario issued exploration permits to Landore, which intends to drill for gold throughout a large region of sensitive wetlands and culturally-significant hunting grounds, fish spawning sites and a burial area. Landore insists on moving forward and putting the Aboriginal and Treaty rights of EFN at risk, even through there is NO community support.

EFN has raised these serious concerns through consultation processes and directly to Ministers and Premier Wynne, but Ontario’s permit stands unless EFN’s legal action prevails.

Today and tomorrow, EFN’s Judicial Review hearing takes place in Toronto.

EFN created this short documentary, and we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to view it:

For more information, you can also visit our website at:

Please stand in solidarity with EFN as we navigate this, send your wishes for a positive outcome, and spread the word!! Canadians deserve to know the backstory of how Treaties are STILL violated, moving away from progress made toward reconciliation with indigenous communities.

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