CEIU wants to stay in touch! You could win  a cool prize


As CEIU moves into 2017 and modernizes the way in which we communicate with our members, a text message campaign has been launched asking members to send a message to CEIU’s NationBuilder # 647-496-0575 and provide or update CEIU with their personal email address. In exchange, they will be entered to win some great prizes!

Using the contact information we will have acquired from our members following this campaign, we will be prepared to successful enter into an era of electronic voting.

The elections for delegates to the PSAC triennial convention will be conducted electronically. In order to receive a personal PIN # to vote for their regional delegate, members will need to provide CEIU with a home email.

Watch out for your campaign cards and posters! The contest ends October 16th, 2017.

Visit http://ceiu-seic.ca/en/ for more information.

In solidarity, 

Crystal Warner


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